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Shir Libeynu Fund – Donors

In November 2009, the Shir Libeynu Fund was established. Proceeds from the fund go towards ensuring that Shir Libeynu continues to thrive while ensuring access to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We hope that by establishing this fund, we will be able offer more to our members while also strengthening the ties between us all.

Click here to donate to the Shir Libeynu Fund (please note that we do not have credit card capability – just PayPal). Please see here for alternative payment methods for your donation.

We thank the following people for their donations to our congregation since January, 2017/5777


  • Anonymous
  • Brian Cohen
  • Allan and Helaine Shiff
  • Rebecca Sugarman


  • In memory of Helaine Shiff, by Allan Shiff and family in recognition and support of Rabbi Aviva Goldberg and Congregation Shir Libeynu
  • In memory of Shimon Pinchevsky, Yona’s father, on his 18th yahrzeit: by Yona and Zev Frishman
  • In memory of Faiga Frishman, Zev’s mother, on her 8th yahrzeit: by Yona and Zev Frishman
  • In memory of Valentina Pinchevsky, Yona’s mother, on her 9th yahrzeit: by Yona and Zev Frishman
  • In memory of Nathan (Nutke) Frishman, Zev’s father, on his 35th yahrzeit: by Yona and Zev Frishman
  • In memory of Brian’s beloved partner, Gary (Gershon) Sevitsky, who died in New York, 2013: by Brian Cohen
  • In memory of Alice and Jack Sugarman; by Rebecca Sugarman


  • Todah Rabba to Rabbi Aviva Goldberg and Paula Wolfson, from Margo Feferman
  • In honour of Elizabeth Abraham’s Bat Mitzvah: Gillian Apfel & Rodney Ford, Ellie Goldenberg, Gary Klein and Harriet Eisenkraft, Bonnie Heath, Diane Saxe, Deb Zane
  • In honour of their daughter Shir Libeynu Chazzan Daniela Gesundheit, from Susan and Jaime Gesundheit
  • In honour of the naming of their grandchildren, Nathaniel and Clara, son and daughter of Lindsay Beck, by Barbara and Stanley Beck
  • In honour of Matias Alverez’s Bar Mitzvah, from Judy Franklin
  • In honour of the Shir Libeynu community for being so welcoming and for the experience of the Bat Mitzvah service of their granddaughter Sophia Rottman, from Marvin & Helen Meistrich
  • In honour of their wedding, from Casandra Campbell and Jonathan Klein
  • In honour of Rabbi Aviva Goldberg, from Jinks Hoffman
  • In honour of Laurie Goodman’s Birthday, from Marla and Joey Zegman
  • In honour of Jonathan Silin for his tireless service to the community as education director, especially for our children’s programs, from Harriet Eisenkraft
  • In honour of Rabbi Aviva Goldberg for memorializing his wife Wendy’s life, from Michael Herman


  • In memory of: Sidney S. Chusid; Murray H. Chusid; Barton Bunny Bockner; Joseph Grajcer;Howard Nathan;Dr. Martin Barkin;Lou Orzech; by Arlene Grajcer and Harvey Worth
  • In honour of Aviva Goldberg; Harriet Eisenkraft; Marla Rosenblatt being called to the bar; of the forthcoming marriage of Marla Rosenblatt-Worth and Philip Kuperhauseby; by Arlene Grajcer and Harvey Worth


  • Yona and Zev Frishman