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“Comfort Women” in Asia: Alone in Atrocity, Together for Justice

233Shir Libeynu Co-Sponsors Event In Commemoration of Holocaust Education Week (HEW), 2014

“Comfort Women” in Asia: Alone in Atrocity, Together for Justice

On November, 3, with Toronto ALPHA, the Holocaust Education Week committee and U of T’s Equity Studies Program, we co-sponsored this event, which included a film screening and a moderated panel discussion.

We have participated as co-sponsors at HEW for many years. honouring Jewish survivors of the concentration camps in Europe and listening to their stories and research, and also hearing from their children and grandchildren. The “Comfort Women” program was our first look at atrocities in the non-European setting. The topic broadens the conversation to include as many as possible of those who were affected by the long tentacles of the Second World War.  It also helps us to see how sexual violence and abuse of women were points of shame in many historical periods and which continues right up to the present day around the world.