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AGM and Dialogue about Our Future: Nov. 29

Creating our Future: A Dialogue, Nov. 29, 2015

A community-wide discussion/dialogue that took place on November 29 attracted more than 40 people who are interested in the future of our shul. The facilitator (and long-time Shir Libeynu member), Danny Nashman, guided us through a presentation of themes and ideas. We then assembled in pairs of people who weren’t otherwise acquainted through the shul to discuss issues and wishes, with the help of a concerted questionnaire that raises important points. Back in the larger group, many of us shared moving and meaningful anecdotes to illustrate the significance of the shul community in our lives, and our visions for its future.

We went away with commitments from most of us there to discuss this with and interview at least one, but with hope more, members, occasional congregants and others, over the next six weeks. The people who were at that dialogue will be receiving the questionnaire by email. For those who were not able to attend, but are interested in being an interviewee so you can contribute to the visioning exercise, please write to shirlibeynu@yahoo.ca. We will pair you up with a designated interviewer. We do not need more interviewers at this stage. Attaching your name to the answers is optional.

On January 17, we will re-convene for a summit examining the answers we expect from this process (place tbd). We will be discussing many issues,including: What opportunities we see for Shir Libeynu to play an even more meaningful part in the lives of our members and congregants? What would we most want to participate in, and/or be part of orchestrating for our shul?

During the next six weeks, we hope you will answer “yes” if asked, “Have you been part of the Shir Libeynu dialogue on creating our future?”