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Pride 2014

In 2014, Congregation Shir Libeynu was at the forefront in bringing together many Jewish organizations and congregations to ensure that we and other faith communities made World Pride, which took place in Toronto for the first time, a successful, unifying celebration. Our shul’s president, Jamie Flagal, helmed a multi-faceted initiative that also included a Kabbalat Shabbat service and kiddish dinner afterwards at the MNJCC, attended by leaders and members of many other congregations and churches.

After the Kabbalat Shabbat service, we celebrated at a kiddish dinner.

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The next day, we were part of the World Pride Interfaith Fair and Sunset Service at Metropolitan United Church downtown. Then, with other clergy participating on the steps of the church, Rabbi Goldberg led a Havdallah service to close the night, a historic first in our city’s history, and a most moving ceremony.










Our shul continued its celebration of Pride with its presence as part of a multi-faith contingent during the parade at the end of June.  We honoured Rainbow Railroad, which provides support to LGBTQ communities that face persecution around the world.  All of us – LGBTQ members and allies – were a cohesive presence at World Pride.








IMG_1196-c IMG_1177-cFor a 2014 story about our shul’s unique past and how our philosophy was eventually more widely embraced, READ “Proud since we Began,” by Harriet Eisenkraft.