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The Mitzvah of Performing Tahara: Our Renewed Chevra Kadisha/Gemilut Hasadim Group

The Mitzvah of Performing Tahara: Our Renewed Chevra Kadisha/Gemilut Hasadim Group

Would you like to learn how to perform what our sages describe as a “good deed of truth,” chesed shel emet? This is the mitzvah of tahara, the task of ritual cleansing of a deceased and the subsequent dressing for burial according to Rabbinic law. This practice is considered to be a most laudable one, as tending to the dead is a mitzvah truly devoid of ulterior motives or expectation of gratitude.

Congregation Shir Libeynu is hoping to organize a small group to learn this holy task. Our goal is to have at least six men and six women who will be available as the need arises to perform all aspects of tahara for deceased members of our congregation.

Please contact Rabbi Goldberg if you are interested and for further information regarding classes on tahara, which will take place in the new Jewish year.

This group will be part of our renewed chevra kadisha (tr: sacred society), which encompasses ritual action for the deceased and support for the bereaved that includes shiva support and help. Comforting the bereaved may include the leading of prayer services and/or attending at shiva (traditional week of mourning after the funeral), and also providing food and help during this time.. These are some of the important ways that members can provide chesed (compassion and grace) to other members in need, and they are essential elements of Jewish tradition and practice.

We are in the midst of re-organizing our chesed groups, to encompass a renewed chevra kadisha , as well as our Bikkur Cholim/Chavurah initiative that will tend to ill members, so stay tuned. In the meantime, should you have need for our help, please write to Rabbi Goldberg at: InfoRabbi@shirlibeynu.ca.

If you would like to speak to Rabbi Goldberg confidentially about any of these groups or about matters to do with death and dying, please write to: rabbi@shirlibeynu.ca