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Moving Forward: Board News!

Moving Forward: Board News!

The AGM that took place on Dec. 4, 2016, saw the election of four new members to our board of directors (see below for their bios), with current member, Laurie Goodman (bio below), staying on. Shir Libeynu’s outgoing president, Jamie Flagal, gave his report, which included information about the shul’s future governance scenario: three former presidents (Harriet Eisenkraft, Jamie Flagal and Eden Nameri) will serve in ex-officio capacity during a time of transition; Rabbi Goldberg will continue to consult with the board and attend meetings regularly. These measures will ensure continuity and institutional memory while supporting growth and innovative ideas from new members of the board.

A motion was also approved to change the bylaws and provide for a smaller board this year.  Our by-laws now allow for a board from five to seven people. 

Jonathan Barrentine (Jonathan’s bio)
Shlomo Gleibman (Shlomo’s bio)
Laurie Goodman (Laurie’s bio)
Roman Konoplev-Esgenburg (Roman’s bio)
Terry Maiden (Terry’s Bio)

Harriet Eisenkraft (Harriet’s bio)
Jamie Flagal (Jamie’s bio)
Eden Nameri (Eden’s bio)