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Purim at Shir Libeynu

Purim at Shir Libeynu

We have celebrated the wonderful holiday of Purim through a cabaret, performances by our talented members, a costume contest for all ages, with songs by our choir and tales at a pre-holiday service and with Israeli folk dancing after Shabbat. Our rabbi, Aviva, and her partner, Dinah, have morphed into Sonny and Cher.Our chazzan, Daniela, has led us in joyous singing. Eden, our resident storyteller, has delighted us with both adult and also child-appropriate versions of the Esther story over the years. We have boogied to a dj set, sung a version of “Downtown” with replaced lyrics about our shul and gone before a “judge,” member Rick, to assess the best costumes in the room. We have fulfilled the directives to drink a little, cross-dress and give tzedekah: Personal videotaped thank you message from Anat Hoffman, founder of WoW..

This year, join us for an all-ages Purim event on March 11, 2017. But first look at how we have enjoyed Purim over the years: