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Tikkun Presentations by Shlomo Gleibman and Eden Nameri

Tikkun Presentations by Shlomo Gleibman and Eden Nameri

Trans-Texts: Unfixing Gender and Sexuality in Traditional Jewish Sources

With Shlomo Gleibman | Room 304
08:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Can a sexual act change your gender? Can your erotic desire change your gender? Can your child change your gender? Can God change your gender? How many genders are there, anyway? Come alone or in pairs to ask some new questions about old texts.

Shlomo Gleibman is completing a Ph.D. in Humanities at York University with a specialization in Jewish Studies and Sexuality Studies. Shlomo’s research is focused on Jewish queer biblical interpretation and contemporary Jewish queer literature and culture

A Celebration of Foolishness: Tales from Chelm

With Eden Nameri | Room 301
02:00 am – 03:00 am

Come hear all about the village of fools: its origins, its inhabitants and its manner of governance. Bring a Chelm story to share. There is no end to foolishness…

Eden Nameri’s Biblical tales incorporate Midrash – original and traditional – and plenty of personal perspective. She has performed at the Toronto Storytelling Festival, 1001 Friday Nights, and Congregation Shir Libeynu