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The Junior Congregation

The Junior Congregation: is a new program, also for children in the eight to 11 year old age group, but occurring monthly at the same time as services, when their parents and grandparents may be in the chapel. For the hour or so that this program takes place, the young people will work with an experienced teacher and musician on themes, prayers and the parsha, or Torah reading, of the day.  They will join the service after that hour to join in and contribute what they have learned with the congregation.

Ella Gladstone MartinThe teacher for this program is Ella Gladstone Martin, an educator and a professional musician who plays and sings in Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic and English. She has worked as a supervisor and counsellor at Camp Shomria, and as a spokesperson and coordinator at Hashomer Hatzair Canada. She currently works at a local Jewish supplemental school, as well. Ella and her family attended our services when we were still holding High Holy Days at Cecil Community Centre.

As always, children are welcome to drop in to the monthly sessions of both of our Shabbat morning sessions, and there is no fee. But we hope that parents and grandparents will see their ways to making this a regular part of the shul experience every month.


Rabbi Goldberg will be overseeing the content and themes for the junior congregation, and is also the teacher’s supervisor.

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