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Teaching our Children Well

Teaching our Children Well

From the basement of Cecil Community Centre to the boardroom of the MNJCC (aka our kiddish room) and beyond, you have seen Shir Libeynu’s children participating in the life of our shul over the past two decades. What started as holiday-themed childcare at High Holy Days during our stay at Cecil until 2010 has evolved into a plethora of programs, classes, projects and holiday events for children of all ages, and their adults.

1-IMG_0887-2010 Aviva and Abby at Cecil-c 2-IMG_1733-Rebecca with the Kids-c 3-IMG_1741-Steven with two children-c
4-IMG_2539 (2)-c 5-Our children made challah with Eden on second day of Rosh Hashanah-c 5A-Who3-Daniel and Kingsley-c

At Shabbat morning services at our MNJCC home, we provide childcare, and programs that may include crafts, music and stories for those who attend with their adults (who are always welcome in the children’s room). Those sessions are mainly for younger children, to age six years old. We have also held many holiday events with singing, dancing and educational commentary from Rabbi Goldberg and others, and children of all ages have always been front and centre at them.

6-12280_10152358259915436_1425300790_n (2) -C 6A-12375069_10156355659190436_1407636809958082229_o-Boys with Chanukah Crafts-c 7-DSC_0086.NEF-c
7-image-Elise and Other Musicians at Chanukah-c 8-DSC_0073.NEF.1-c 9-Daniela with kids RH-c
10-DSC_0116-c 12-IMG_1971-c 13-P1010434-c
14-2012, winter 049 Shlomo and children at Kiddish-c 15A=DSC_0095-Volunteer in blue with children-c  15-2012, winter 051-j with Stanley-c

At the same time, and over the past few years, we have also had a bnei mitzvah program, with a learning-enrichment component taught by experienced educators, for those in the year or two before their becoming a bar/bat mitzvah.

18-20151107_130730-c 26-20151017_124640-c 17-20150613_120035-Aviva and Sophie Bat Mitzvah June 13 2015-c
19-IMG_3776-c 20-IMG_1867-c 20-IMG_4415-Kingsley with Torah-c
21-IMG_4440-c 22-June 2013 001-c 23-The Class of 2016-17 at their first Oneg Shabbat Dinner-c
24-20170514_122948[1]-001 (1)-c

Now, we have ramped up our offerings, at the request of our members. Starting in 2017, we begin a new program for the older children (ages seven to 11), a supplemental school, on Sunday mornings weekly that has a unique modular approach to Jewish education. (There will be a modest fee charged for this latter series of classes)

D’or v la D’or: From Generation to Generation. We take our children’s education seriously, but we deliver it joyously, and with the Shir Libeynu mandate of pluralism and inclusivity you can always expect.

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 29-IMG_2541-c 30-IMG_4421-c  31-2012-12-14-20.35.32-c

Please spread the word and sign up for our programs. And remember, children are ALWAYS welcome at our services, inside the chapel at Shabos with their adults.

More info on all our programs and classes.