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CALLING ALL FAMILIES!-Bnei Mitzvah Program and the Shir Libeynu School

Bnei Mitzvah Program and the Shir Libeynu School


The Shir Libeynu School: (ages 7-11)

This year’s supplemental program for 2018/2019 started in September, 2018, weekly on Sunday mornings, at a central location. The second 10-week session begins on January 20, 2019, at 10 a.m-12 p.m. (An optional Hebrew-language component is held before the main learning program session.)

This innovative program has two-10 week sessions (autumn and winter).  The theme of both sessions is: Seeing the World through Jewish Eyes.  Our curriculum will go to the heart of that process through Torah study, appropriate to this age group.  The children will explore the foundational stories of our tradition by sharing common elements of the midrashic tradition.  The goal is to establish a caring community of learners who are deeply connected to each other, Jewish traditions and their relevance to contemporary life. Children who have had minimal or no formal Jewish education, or for whom this may be a first learning experience, are welcome.

We are now accepting registrations for the winter session. The fee for the winter session of the School is $480 ($495 by Paypal).   Limited spaces available.  A 5% sibling discount is available for families who have registered at least one child at full fee either in the winbter school session or the 2018/2019 Bnei Mitzvah Enrichment sessions.  Click here to register your child.

Our teacher, Dana Rubinshtein, with the 2017 Module 1 class

The Bnei Mitzvah Program

Our next b’nei mitzvah program will begin in the autumn of 2018, when we will welcome a small cohort of candidates.

This is a year-long series of classes, excursions and socializing that usually precedes the young person becoming a bar or bat mitzvah with Shir Libeynu.  You can expect: a learning enrichment program that will include a series of workshops and sessions with the youngsters, as well as their families; social opportunities for families at oneg Shabbat, a tour of Jewish Toronto and other excursions; a Tzedekahproject, and more.

The classes and sessions run mainly on Sunday mornings, at a central location. The cost for this year’s learning enrichment program is $800 ($825 by PayPal).

Families who wish their children to become a bar or bat mitzvah with Shir Libeynu must enroll them in this program well in advance of the ceremony. Families usually proceed to the simcha part of the bar/bat mitzvah process after this program, but it is not a requirement.  For more detailed information on what you can expect from our entire program, including the paramaters and details of the ceremony led by Rabbi Goldberg at Shir Libeynu, click here.

Click here for a registration form for the 2018/2019 B’nei Mitzvah enrichment program.  Our administrator, Natalie Wallach, can help you with any questions about the enrichment sessions and also walk you through the steps necessary to booking and planning a bar/bat mitzvah simcha with the shul.

The Class of 2016-17 at their first Oneg Shabbat Dinner

This year’s cohort of students enjoy challah making with their teacher, Elise, and our volunteer Eden after a class on Jewish ritual

Rabbi Goldberg with a bat mitzvah in 2015

*Students in the learning program are not obliged to participate in a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, although most families do choose this option around or after completion of the learning program.

Our venue for both programs is the Dragon Academy, an independent school serving children in Grades 4-12.