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Beit Olam – A Jewish Burial Site

Beit Olam – A Jewish Burial Site

Congregation Shir Libeynu is pleased to partner with Beit Olam on this new cemetery site.  Beit Olam welcomes persons of Jewish faith, interfaith families, and those with Jewish connections. Burial at Beit Olam (within Glenview Memorial Gardens) is to be made in accordance with Jewish customs and protocols, and monuments are expected to contain Jewish symbols or be non-denominational. All burials and monuments at Beit Olam will be respectful of the Jewish nature of the gardens. Beit Olam will be surrounded by borders and roads to delineate it from the rest of the Glenview Memorial Garden’s other sites. A rabbinic advisory group will oversee all of Beit Olam and ensure that established standards of ritual and practice are honoured and upheld.

Shir Libeynu now has a designated section at Beit Olam, with a limited number of plots reserved for our congregants.

For more information or to contact our shul about our partnership with Beit Olam, write here.

For more information on Beit Olam, call the family service director Tanis Floom at 647-467-7365.

Shir Libeynu thanks Tanis Floom for her help and support to our community at Beit Olam.