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We Are In This Together: Messages from Rabbi Goldberg & Chazzan Gesundheit

A Message from Rabbi Goldberg

Dear congregants,

It is so difficult to find words to deal with the world situation today. As has been reiterated by so many, it is part of our tradition to focus on assisting one another and the world. How can we do so today when we are literally and figuratively so isolated from one another? Thankfully, we do have the phone and the Internet. We do have Skype and Zoom and FaceTime–so many different forms of communication. So call one another, call to kvetch, call to laugh, call to support.

The Genesis narrative reminds us that humans must not be alone. We need one another and a virtual hug, a virtual embrace, is right now the way that we can express our love.

As Pesach nears we should truly see ourselves as if we too were and are today in Mitzrayim- as individuals, as a community, as a city, and as part of this beleaguered world. Like our ancestors we too can persevere and move through these narrow straits.

My best to all of you. Do keep in touch with each other! And as well, although our congregation is not virtually online, there are many Jewish websites that provide virtual Shabbat services and more. Please do take a look.

Take care! Shabbat Shalom.


A Video Message from Chazzan Daniela Gesundheit

https://vimeo.com/399292954 [click to play the video]

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