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Our Logo

Shir Libeynu LogoAbout Our Logo

Artist Drew Cohen designed our logo after he and his family had spent many years participating and volunteering within the community. Here, in his own words, he notes the ideas behind his design:

I created an icon as part of the logo that represents ”song of our heart”. It’s a simple musical note and part of a heart combined. I wanted to incorporate that definition into the logo without overdoing it.

The lettering has significance as well. There is a sharp contrast between the old style Hebrew lettering and the modern styling of the words “ Shir Libeynu.” This is intentional on two fronts: Besides the fact that these two contrasting fonts look great beside each other, I’m using the contrast to show Shir Libeynu’s philosophy of inclusiveness. These fonts couldn’t be more different, like people from different walks of life, different ideas, different orientations, but there they are positioned side by side in the logo, like one. The second aspect of the lettering is the modern font of Helvetica Nueva for ”Shir Libeynu.” I chose this modern style to show Shir Libeynu’s liberal, progressive nature.

The red colour in the logo also represents the liberal nature of Shir Libeynu.

We thank Drew for giving us this beautiful logo that endures as a meaningful symbol of our shul.