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Pride 2015 At Shir Libeynu

Shir Libeynu’s 9th Annual Pride Service For All of Us, including Allies! With Rabbi Goldberg leading, we celebrated great Queer Jews and also focused on the world-wide persecution of LGBTQs, on Saturday, June 27, 2015.

Ordination of Rabbi Aviva Goldberg

A most moving ceremony took place after Havdallah on November 22, 2014, when Rabbi Deborah Brin bestowed smicha upon Dr. Goldberg. The congregation of 200 people cheered and gave a standing ovation to Aviva, 

High Holy Day celebrations in 2013 and 2014

Our congregation is fortunate to have so many generous, gifted and thoughtful members who shared their talents and ideas with us during serices or workshops. Our less visible but very busy volunteers and staff worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Shir Libeynu Fund – Donors

In November 2009, the Shir Libeynu Fund was established. Proceeds from the fund go towards ensuring that Shir Libeynu continues to thrive while ensuring access to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We hope that by establishing this fund, we will be able offer more to our members while also strengthening the ties between us…

Ordination Program

RABBINIC ORDINATION OF AVIVA GOLDBERG NOVEMBER 22, 2014 – 1 KISLEV 5775 Officiating: RABBI DEBORAH BRIN AVIVA GOLDBERG DANIELA GESUNDHEIT Chazzan (Cantor) מִכָּל-מְלַמְּדַי הִשְׂכַּלְתִּי “From all my teachers I have gained understanding.” Psalm 119:99 ORDER OF SERVICE הַבְדָּלָה HAVDALAH CEREMONY  (separating the Sabbath from the work week) Blessing over the wine Blessing over the spices…