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Life Cycles and Support


If you are practicing social distancing due to compromised immunity and need assistance, please contact us. If you are not immunocompromised and are willing to help those who are, please reach out and let us know.  Please email if you need help or can offer help.

In Jewish tradition, we benefit from laughing and crying and celebrating and mourning together as a community. Here are some life cycle events that can be marked through Jewish practice and participation:


Memorable Milestones: Elizabeth
celebrates her birthday and Pride with family and friends at shul.


For those interested in conversion, Rabbi Goldberg participates with other community leaders in an extensive course introducing the central Jewish ideas, practices, texts and experiences that will form the foundation of a Jewish life. Write to Rabbi Goldberg, (general) for more information


We rejoice with you and yours in the birth of a new child. We welcome all members to plan a baby naming or welcoming with us at Shabbat services, when the community will celebrate with you. (Some members choose to sponsor the kiddish after this milestone event).

Rabbi Goldberg can facilitate a bris with referrals to a mohel (male) or mohelet (female) who are sensitive to the needs of same-sex, interfaith, or intercultural families. Rabbi Goldberg (general info):

B’nei Mitzvah:

IMG_4440-cWith our strong tradition of embracing diversity and welcoming everyone, whatever their level of Jewish experience or education, your family can count on a fulfilling bar/bat mitzvah experience at Shir Libeynu:

Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Shir Libeynu

Becoming A Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Shir Libeynu


Whether you are a same-sex, traditional, trans or multifaith couple (or some combination) contemplating marriage, we welcome you. On the Sabbath before a wedding, it is customary at our shul for the couple to share an aufruf (called up to the Torah for a blessing), Shir Libeynu style!  Often, the couple or the family will sponsor the kiddish that follows the joyous service.  Many couples and their children have also joined us at services for anniversary milestones.

Rabbi Goldberg can advise you on a meaningful Jewish wedding ceremony and how she may lead or facilitate it: Rabbi Goldberg (general info):


Rabbi Goldberg and Chazzan Gesundheit are available to comfort and support you during illness.

Rabbi Goldberg (general info):

Rabbi Goldberg: (confidential):

Daniela Gesundheit (Chazzan)

Our bikkur cholim group can help by reaching out with a  phone call or visit, or  by making a meal or providing transport to appointments. More information on this group.

Our Bikkur Cholim (Caring for the Ill) Group:

Congregation Shir Libeynu is a caring community that wants to be of assistance to congregants in times of need. For people who are experiencing illness, we may be able to provide:  personal visits, shopping, transportation to doctors’ appointments and meal preparation.  We offer to do these tasks if they would be helpful when the individual does not have a personal family/friend network to assist, or that network or family have need of some respite or assistance.

If you are interested in joining our group of dedicated volunteers, please write:


Death and Mourning – Our Chevra Kadisha (care for the deceased and comfort for the mourners) Group:

Rabbi Goldberg is very experienced at offering spiritual support and officiating at funerals, including traditional ones, non-denominational rituals or when a non-Jewish community member dies.

We can help when your loved one has died by attending at the funeral and shiva,  We will also be there for you during your time of mourning with guidance and help during shiva, and providing shiva leaders for services, all as needed.  Chevra Kadisha  Coordinator: 

If you wish to consider joining our chevra as a volunteer, to lead at shiva services (training will be provided and is mandatory) and give other help to the bereaved please write to: 

More information at:  If a loved one has died

We also wish to help you remember, and many congregants honour their ancestors or good friends in Yahrtzeit memorials at Shabbat services

For more information on Jewish Tradition and the Lifecycle, go to My Jewish Learning.