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If a Loved One Has Died

  1. Contact a Jewish funeral home first. Tell the funeral home that you are a member of Congregation Shir Libeynu. They will have Rabbi Goldberg’s contact information on file.(Jewish funeral homes will not make arrangements with you during Shabbat or on a holy day.  You should call once the holy day is over, at sundown).
  2. Send an email to and/or phone us at: 416-465-5488 to inform us about the death. We will inform the community of the death, including information about the funeral and shiva, and we will follow up with you to ascertain how we can help. If Rabbi Goldberg is officiating at the funeral, she will set up a time to meet with you and family and/or close friends.
  3. We want to help our members during this difficult time.  Please let us know what you need: