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Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Shir Libeynu: What We Offer & What We Ask of You

We wait to assess the possibility of sharing actual for our programs and events. In the meantime, please read below for our existing program.

 IMG_4415What We Offer

  • An inventive and inclusive service that reflects the values of the bar/bat mitzvah and his/her family
  • A fulfilling bar/bat Mitzvah experience for multi-faith and/or non-traditional families, including the opportunity to participate from the bimah
  • A strong tradition of embracing diversity and welcoming everyone, whatever their level of Jewish experience or education
  • Planning sessions for the family with our Rabbi to develop the service, including meetings to discuss the parsha (Torah portion) and other significant aspects of becoming a bar/bat mitzvah
  • 20150613_120035A series of enriching learning sessions/classes planned and led by experienced educators (mandatory for becoming a bar/bat mitzvah with Shir libeynu)
  • Responsibilities in the service tailored to the bar/bat mitzvah’s interests and abilities
  • Recommendations and contact information for bar/bat mitzvah tutors, including ones experienced in teaching those who are new to Hebrew
  • Assistance in booking a Kiddush caterer and First Unitarian Congregation as a bar/bat mitzvah venue

What We Ask of You

  • 145-ccThe bar/bat mitzvah family must join Shir Libeynu as members.  2019/2020 rates are posted here.
  • The bar/bat mitzvah child and their family are expected to fully participate in our bnei mitzvah enrichment program, which includes classroom sessions, field trips, a tzedakah project and an Oneg Shabbat.
  • In the year leading up to bar/bat mitzvah and their family are expected to attend at least seven Shabbat services and our High Holy Day services. Four of these services will specifically include the bnei mitzvah program participants and will require their attendance.
  • The family is responsible for arranging and paying for a bar/bat mitzvah tutor
  • Extend invitation for the ceremony to the congregation through the Shir Libeynu e-update
  • Sponsorship of post-ceremony kiddush that includes members of Shir Libeynu community in IMG_2554attendance as well as invited guests (Shir Libeynu will provide a list of caterers with a range of price options)
  • The parents/guardians will sign a memorandum of agreement with Shir Libeynu once a commitment is made, including date of simcha, venue, kiddush and other details
  • The fee for the enrichment learning sessions for 2019/2020 was $800 ($825 if using PayPal).
  • The 2019/2020 fee was Shir Libeynu’s bar/bat mitzvah program of $2,700 ($2785 if using PayPal). The bar/bat mitzvah program fee of $2700 included the fee for the enrichment learning sessions.

All questions regarding scheduling, fees, administration and our information session should be directed to our administrator, Natalie, at or 416-465-5488.