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Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah 2020/2021

The Class of 2016/17 at their first Oneg Shabbat Dinner

The Class of 2016/17 at their first Oneg Shabbat Dinner

For 2020/2021: We are recruiting families with young people who are at least age 13 in 2021 to early 2022. Our next b’nei mitzvah program will begin in the autumn of 2020, when we will welcome a small cohort of candidates. While we wait to assess the possibility of sharing actual venue spaces for our programs, we are looking into starting the program with online learning in the fall.  Please write to us for more information at

Learn about how we continue to educate our 2019/20 cohort virtually.

Visit our bnei mitzvah page for information on our in-class program.

At graduation event with Rabbi Goldberg and Elise

For the simcha (bar or bat mitzvah ceremony), our spiritual leader guides each family through the process, personalizing the ritual to make it one truly meaningful, while ensuring that each candidate understands her or his role in the community as well as the ability to make a difference (Tikkun Olam). She leads each bar or bat mitzvah ceremony, usually with a chazzan from our chazzanut team, in front of the congregation at Shabbat services. There, family, friends and members of Shir Libeynu attend to celebrate this important milestone. By participating at monthly Shabbat services and other Shir Libeynu events, the cohort’s young people will be developing a bond with each other and the community, which in turn will be fulfilling the action of l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation).  We continue to look at innovative ways to allow for the continuation of this important celebration in light of the current restrictions.