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Creating Joy on Shabbat Through Movement and Dance, Presented by Shoshana Fainsilber

  • 9:30 AM
  • Zoom

Start your morning by moving your body to music, as you release yourself into the spirit of Shabbat. Being in tune with how your body needs to move and increasing your repertoire of movements with others is healing and energizing. We’ll start with slow music, build to a higher energy and return to a slower pace, feeling revitalized and calm. The movements will include individual self expression and mirroring exercises. This is an opportunity to have fun and connect with others from our Congregation Shir Libeynu community.

Choose a space in your home where you can place your lap top computer or other devices and move freely. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Shoshana Fainsilber is a long-time member of Shir Libeynu. She has been involved in free-style dancing for over 30 years. She currently co-organizes and DJ’s a free-style dance venue. She has also participated in choirs for the past 8 years. Music and dance are her passions. This is her second time offering this workshop for Shir Libeynu.

9:30 (sharp)-10:00 am