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Speaker Series: No Silence on Race, Akilah Allen-Silverstein and Yoni Belete

  • 10:30 AM
  • Zoom

We are launching our new Speaker Series, starting with two members from No Silence on Race, Akilah Allen-Silverstein and Yoni Belete. This is an initiative of our Social Action Committee.

Yoni Belete Akilah Allen-Silverstein


The board endorsed in principle the organization’s 9 pillars (see below) to work toward greater racial equity and inclusion. We are currently exploring how we can implement these pillars in Shir Libeynu.

No Silence on Race describes its origins and work below:

“No Silence on Race began as an open letter from Black Jews, non-Black Jews of colour, and our allies to Jewish congregations, federations, foundations, organizations, nonprofits and initiatives: An open letter written by proud members of the Canadian Jewish community. We are Jewish community board members, educators and leaders. We write from a place of love for our Jewish identities and community, while also grappling with the cultural erasure, exclusion and structural racism that we experience in Jewish spaces. Nevertheless, we are compelled to be in Jewish community because it is who we are.

No Silence on Race is born out of the necessity for racial equity and inclusivity in Jewish spaces in Canada. We believe that conversation, listening and self-reflection are important first steps to creating anti-racist, inclusive and equitable Jewish spaces. We look to the entire Jewish community in Canada to challenge ourselves to do more and to envision the path forward. We have designed 9 pillars as a guideline for how organizations can begin this work. We encourage all organizations to be intentional and creative in their implementation… with the goal of creating meaningful impact and change.”

Please visit: https://www.nosilenceonrace.ca to read the open letter and biographies of Akilah and Yoni.

Email shirlibeynuzoom@gmail.com to register.