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A Shir Libeynu Learning Opportunity: Matriarch or Trans Man? In Search of Rebbe Eydele of Brody

  • 1:00 PM
  • Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 Spadina Avenue, Chapel

Eydele of Brody, who died in 1885, was one of the few Hasidic women to act as a Rebbe (leader, spiritual teacher, bestower of blessings, miracle worker), and has left particularly troubling and contradictory traces in history and legend. Justin Jaron Lewis shares the results, so far, of research about Eydele.

Justin Jaron Lewis teaches courses including Hasidism, Storytelling & Religion, and Religion and Sexuality, at the University of Manitoba, and is a teller of traditional tales and the author of Imagining Holiness: Classic Hasidic Tales in Modern Times (2009) and other work on Jewish stories and spirituality.