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Strengthening the fabric of community through cultivating Resonance with Harvey Weisfeld

  • 7:30 PM
  • Zoom

This session is being led by Harvey Weisfeld, a long time Shir Libeynu member and choir participant.  Harvey has been a student and practitioner of Zen meditation in its various forms for the past 13 years.  Professionally Harvey’s work aims to bring a deeper consciousness to the role of business in supporting social change.

Through the practices of Resonant Breath and Storytelling we weave the fabric of community.  Each thread holding its own vibrant energy coming together to bring forth the light that we want to live in through the resonance of our voices.

Through the use of breath, resonant sounds and gentle movement, this virtual session aims to offer an experience of spaciousness and calmness, cultivating a sense of oneness in community. This simple practice of resonant breath supports us to interrupt thoughts and habits that create harm and separation. Breathing from a place of an open stance/open heart, recognizing habits of the body, and syncing into the rhythm of the universe. Together building resonance as we sync our energy through the rhythm of breath.

“As we breathe deeply from the earth’s core

And breathe out to the distant stars

that we may all breathe into our collective freedom.”

We will then build connection by sharing personal reflections, stories or poems exploring themes of gratitude related to the difficult times that we are currently in.  You are invited to bring a poem that speaks to you around what you are grateful for during these challenging times.  Some guidance and a prompt will be offered to help shape the themes of our contributions.

We will end raising our voices together by singing a Hebrew song celebrating community.