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Adult Education: Not Gone with the Wind: Nazi Antisemitism and White Supremacy” (After Shabbat services/kiddish)

  • MNJCC, 750 Spadina Avenue, Chapel, 3rd floor
  • 12:45-2 p.m

Doris Bergen, Holocaust scholar, University of Toronto “Not Gone with the Wind: Nazi Antisemitism and White Supremacy”

What is the relationship between anti-Black racism, antisemitism, and Nazism? Why did the white supremacists and nationalists who marched at Charlottesville, Virginia to protest removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee shout, “Jews will not replace us?” This talk addresses these questions by looking back at the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and analyzing connections to our own times.

Doris Bergen

Dr. Bergen is the Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto. Her research focuses on issues of religion, gender, and ethnicity in the Holocaust and World War II and comparatively in other cases of extreme violence.

Curator/Member: Carol Zemel

All Welcome!

(Please do not bring any food or beverages, except for water, into the chapel at any time.  Enjoy your kiddish first in Rm. 318 before attending.)