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Adult Education: After Shabbat services/kiddish

  • 12:45-2 p.m, MNJCC, 750 Spadina Avenue, Chapel, 3rd floor.

Leaving Zion: Jewish Emigration from Israel in the 1950s

by Ori Yehudai, PhD, Professor of Jewish & Israeli history at the University of Toronto

Following the establishment of Israel in 1948, masses of Jews flooded into the country, and their absorption became the primary challenge facing the young state. But during the same years, tens of thousands of Jews also left the country, either returning to their original homes or heading to new destinations. Who were these people and why did they leave? How did Israel respond to their departure? What were the reactions in the Jewish world?

Ori Yehudai holds a PhD in history from the University of Chicago and his main research interests include modern Jewish and Israeli history, migration and displacement, and the reconstruction of the Jewish world after the Second World War.

All Welcome!

(Please do not bring any food or beverages, except for water, into the chapel at any time.  Enjoy your kiddish first in Rm. 318 before attending.)