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Shabbat and Passover Morning Service, April 2018

  • 10:30 AM
  • MNJCC, 750 Spadina Avenue, Chapel and Rm. 318, 3rd floor

Join us for our Shabbat and  Passover service, led by Rabbi Goldberg, with Paula Wolfson conducting chazzanut.  Thank you to Ed Weiss for chanting Torah at this service.

*** There will be a desserts only (hot and cold beverages, sweets, fruits) kiddish after the service, and all will be kosher for Passover items.  Please eat your matzoh-brei-or- whatever breakfast before you come to shul, and then join us for a simple nosh and shmooze after the service.***  As usual, we request that only staff and designated volunteers enter the kitchen.

After the kiddish, please join us for our adult- education program with Professor Sara Horowitz.

Children: Come Celebrate End of Passover with Shir Libeynu and Camp Shomria

This month, we are presenting a special joint program for both the junior-service (ages 7-12)and younger children’s (ages 3-7) groups:

Our teachers, Ella Gladstone Martin (junior service) and Leanne Stevens (younger children’s program), will be joining staff from Camp Shomria (Hashomer Hatzair) for a Passover-themed activity and craft.

All Welcome!