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Shabbat Morning Service, February 2018 (during Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month)

  • MNJCC, 750 Spadina Avenue
  • 10:30 AM

Rabbi Goldberg will lead our service, with Paula Wolfson conducting the chazzanut. We thank Ed Weiss for chanting Torah this week.

A light luncheon kiddish will follow the service. After the kiddish, please join us for our adult- education program with Anna Shternshis (see below for more information)

Our enriching, free drop-in  younger children’s program will be up and running during the entire morning.

Younger Children (ages 3 to 7/8).  This week, the children will do activities and crafts related to the Hebrew alphabet. All children are welcome at this program & in the chapel with their adults. Instructor: Leanne Stevens

Junior Service:  (ages 7/8 to 11).This Shabbat, we will be  learning about Parshat (Torah portion) Yitro, discussing the Ten Commandments and reviewing some of the prayers  we’ve already learned. We will also play “Jew-pardy,” a fun game for all! Instructor: Ella Gladstone Martin


Adult Education Speaker Series: After Shabbat services/kiddish, 12:45-2 p.m., chapel, 3rd floor.

Anna Shternshis

Presented by Professor Anna Shternshis – University of Toronto, Director, Anne Tannenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies & Associate Professor, Yiddish Studies

Topic: “Why Are Russian Jews The Way They Are?”

Why do Russian Jews  not see the connection between Judaism and being Jewish? Why do they choose classical music to Klezmer, and chess over Talmud? The lecture by Dr. Shternshis discusses the history and culture of Russian-speaking Jews and their 21st century Diaspora.

(Please do not bring any food or beverages, except for water, into the chapel at any time.  Enjoy your kiddish first in Rm. 318 before attending.)