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November 2016: **NEW** First of our mid-month Shabbat morning services this year!

  • 10:30 AM
  • MNJCC, 750 Spadina Avenue

Aviva-Goldberg-cRabbi Goldberg will lead, and a children’s program for those ages three to eight will take place.






After the service at 1:00 pm, third-floor, MNJCC:


Professor Yigal Nizri

“My Heart is in the Maghrib: Moroccan Cultural Revival in Israel.”  An adult-education session with Professor Yigal Nizri of U of T’s Tannenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies.

Moroccans in Israel form the second-largest Jewish-Moroccan diasporic community after France. Present-day Israel boasts multiple Jewish-Moroccan cultural forms. Dr. Nizri will discuss the  cultural revival and sociocultural meanings of Moroccanness in contemporary Israel.